Welcome to Eminent Top Shelf

We at Eminent Top Shelf are dedicated to encouraging and inspiring  others to be the best version of themselves. No matter the aspect of your life, you should strive to be the best—-in comparison to yourself and no one else. Our goal is to create opportunities for others and be a platform for our community to build their own success.

When we say that Top Shelf is more than a clothing brand, we mean that! It’s definitely a lifestyle. When you put on our logo, you embody your own version of what Top Shelf means to you.

THE Logo 

Surely you’re familiar with the legendary Tupac! The concept of the rose comes from his famous piece, “The Rose that Grew from Concrete.” The drips/ teardrops represent the blood, sweat, and tears that we shed during our journeys of growth and finding ourselves- - they are the nourishment that allow your seed to grow from something so small into something great and beautiful. With that being said, our brand is for everyone! Whether you’re a musician, artist, doctor, MUA, blogger, realtor, mom, dad..whatever we represent you and who you are to become.

Thank you for the continued support. We look forward to growing with you all.